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Arbitration is a formal process for resolving disputes that have arisen between parties to a contract. In Australia, federal law governs international arbitration whereas each state has their own laws governing domestic, non-international arbitration.


Because of the unique and technical nature of construction projects and the complex relationships involved, appointing a construction arbitrator with broad industry experience and substantial qualifications can assist in the expedient resolution of disputes submitted to arbitration.

We offer streamlined arbitration services with fixed fee and low cost options for appropriate disputes with limited complexity. The priority is an efficient and cost-effective means of resolving disputes.

Timeframes can be tailored to suit the logistics and complexity of each unique case. This service is subject to our terms, available to those seeking timely and definitive dispute resolution.

For larger disputes, choosing an arbitrator with both arbitration and construction expertise can provide an efficient and cost-effective forum where a detailed understanding of the process, claims and expert submissions is invaluable.

Fees for complex cases are based on time spent on the reference. Fixed fee options may be possible where requested, subject to circumstances.

Contact us to discuss your specific construction arbitration requirements in more detail. We offer competitive rates while maintaining high quality, independent decision making.

Technical Advisory & Expert Services

Delivering exemplary standards of technical advisory and expert opinions to domestic and international tribunals, leading law firms and businesses through every phase of complex issues and dispute resolution.

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