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Construction Expert Services provides quantum, construction, technical and delay expert investigation, reports and expert witness services associated with the construction & infrastructure industries, natural and built environments.


With numerous methods of identifying and analysing quantum and delay, we retain the capability and knowledge based on practical experience as well as robust qualifications and not just impractical theory, avoiding the risk that a report may fail when scrutinised under examination and found to be inaccurate.


This service can be key in developing soundly reasoned and factually referenced reports which can be pivotal in delivering a desired financial outcome of a dispute.

Experienced & Accredited Experts

Experienced in the provision of expert reports and expert testimony and having trained with the Academy of Experts and the RICS, we provide expert witness services associated with the construction and engineering industries that can make the difference in success by conveying  the correct expert opinion reflecting an understanding of industry that also embraces factual accuracy.


The service incorporates quantum, valuation, delay, disruption, loss and expense type claims including technical construction matters such as opinion on compliance with specification, defective work, design, project management and contract administration issues.


Providing this service to domestic and international jurisdictions, the service can draw on experience across:


  • Building and construction projects including high rise, hotel, apartment,   school and college building, single and estate housing, mixed use commercial   and retail development, industrial building, factories, international franchise development, civic, leisure, hospital and government building. 

  • Infrastructure and engineering projects including roads, service installations,     bulk earthwork, retaining structures, dredging, marine and bridge work.

  • Resource projects including remote location construction, mine site accommodation, factories, warehousing, non process construction, fuel installations and mechanical process plant works.


Expert in the use of methods of measurement, evaluation of delay, disruption, acceleration and valuation of construction work under various forms of contract whether standard or bespoke, we retain experience in the forensic assessment and tracking, identifying and responding to large quantities of information that can form the basis of a contractual dispute.

Adhering to Expert Witness Protocols

When providing expert investigation, reporting, and testimony internationally, we understand and abide by applicable professional and tribunal codes of conduct, standards and procedural rules some of which are listed on our website on our expert witness protocols page here >>

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Tribunal Advisory and Expert Services

Delivering exemplary standards of technical advisory and expert witness services to domestic and international tribunals, leading law firms and businesses through every phase of complex issues and dispute resolution.

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