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Construction Defect Analysis and Valuation

Substandard quality, design issues, and construction defects are common sources of disputes. With extensive knowledge across all stages of construction, we provide robust analysis of complicated defects and problems.

Expert Defect Analysis

Our investigations examine contract documents, building design, work sequencing, structures, materials, systems, and practices to determine defect causes and responsible parties. Clients receive clear, substantiated reports outlining causes, solutions, and accurately estimated remediation costs.

This independent service benefits owners, contractors, lawyers, financial institutions, designers and insurers in existing or likely disputes. We identify defect causes and necessary repairs. Our detailed reports reference visual evidence and itemise work costs based on industry experience. Scope includes:

  • Review of contracts, drawings and specifications

  • Forensic analysis of defect causes

  • Site inspection and assessment

  • Quantification of damage costs

  • Remedial work review for expert reports

  • Assessment of secondary impacts

  • Expert witness reports and testimony


With proven excellence investigating construction defects, we provide reliable analyses to resolve issues for all project stakeholders. Contact us for more details.

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