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Construction Expert Services provide alternative dispute resolution services including arbitration, mediation, conciliation, adjudication and expert determination as well as technical support services for litigation having the expertise and experience to efficiently resolve issues arising in dispute.


We focus on commercial disputes covering construction, engineering and infrastructure industries and have additional experience through the representation of parties regarding technical matters which provides that vital link between the technical  and legal aspects of a case which can prove invaluable when considering submissions made by disputants.

Extensive Industry Experience

We also support clients during all stages of dispute resolution including pre filing and discovery through the dispute resolution process itself on to formal resolution of the dispute providing expert and technical support utilising expertise in quantum, technical, management, construction and engineering to ensure the best and fairest outcomes are achieved.

Range of Dispute Resolution Services

Dispute resolution advisory services further embrace, investigations including discovery support and formulating dispute strategy including advising on the practical aspects required associated with the administration of contractual dispute mechanisms encountered.

Technical Advisory & Expert Services

Delivering exemplary standards of determinative services, technical advisory and expert witness services to domestic and international tribunals, leading law firms and businesses through every phase of complex issues and dispute resolution.

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