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Construction Expert Services assists organisations in the construction industry with the identification and analysis of correct quantum and valuation under contract. We provide appropriate analysis, quantification and presentation required for the resolution of security of payment claims or responses.

We assist clients with determining appropriate actions to take should a payment dispute arise and can act quickly to ensure clients have adequate time and resources to prepare submissions.

Focused & Efficient Advice

As well as providing security of payment services, we can be appointed as adjudicator under security of payment legislation in WA, NT and NSW. It is this in-depth knowledge of the mechanisms combined with an understanding of what the adjudicator requires that allows for a rapid, robust and detailed response for our clients.

Construction Expert Services also assists with detailed payment claims and payment schedules within prescribed times where a difference of opinion arises regarding the valuation of a claim for payment. Our valuations are fairly assessed, substantiated and independent, making the difference between a party pursuing unfounded claims or alternatively a party holding funds from a contractor where entitlement exists.

This service is beneficial as an additional review that can help ensure differences arising between parties to a contract can be resolved quickly without a conflict escalating into an expensive dispute in the first instance.

We can further assist with resolution of potential disputes by early


intervention enabling negotiated settlement. We have a successful track record of early negotiated settlement utilising in-depth understanding of construction related issues and their practical solutions.

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