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We provide a comprehensive range of multidisciplinary services to the world's top law firms and corporations, major infrastructure organisations, professional practice, resource companies, international contractors and specialist subcontractors. 


We find solutions to complex problems, contentious and non contentious issues that arise on complex contracts over the lifecycle of projects.

Expert Determination


Our cconsultants can be appointed to act as independent expert determiner to provide an efficient expert determination on technical matters, the expert determination may be legally binding or may be subject to other rules dependent on the contractual mechanisms in place and / or rules agreed by the disputants.




Expert Witness Service


Our expert witness service embraces quantum, valuation, time and technical matters

and can make the difference in success by conveying the correct expert opinion reflecting

a detailed understanding of industry and factual accuracy.




Security of Payment


We assist various clients in the construction industry with the identification and analysis of correct quantum and valuation under contract and provide appropriate analysis, quantification and presentation required for the resolution of security of payment claims or responses across all jurisdictions in Australia.




Commercial Mediation


Because of the unique and technical nature of construction projects and the complex nature of relationships involved in a project or a development, appointing a construction mediator with broad construction experience and substantial qualifications is essential.





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Industry Experience


Industrial Construction


Retail and Fit Out Works


Residential Construction


Commercial Development


Hotel and Retail Development


Civil Engineering & Infrastructure


Resource and Mining Industry


Petroleum and Chemical


Marine and Shipping


Rail and Road


Building Conservation


Professional Indemnity


Construction Arbitration


We offer fixed cost and efficient fee arbitration schemes for appropriate disputes with limited complexity. The object of this service is to enable disputants to have an efficient and cost effective means to resolving a dispute.




Construction Claims Analysis


Experts at identifying, analysing, preparation or rebutting contractual claims we also provide supporting services including the quantification, presentation, management and assistance with resolution of contractual claims that arise on construction and engineering projects.




Commercial Consultancy


From time to time contractual issues that arise on projects can place a burden on a company, Construction Expert Services provide commercial services that utilise the requisite expertise and experience to resolve issues without detracting from clients physical resources.  




Construction Dispute Resolution


Construction Expert Services provide dispute resolution support associated with various tribunals. This representation for parties can provide a vital link between the technical and legal aspects of a case and can prove invaluable when preparing a client's submissions.




Construction Defect Analysis


Inadequate quality, design and defective work are common sources of dispute. With

extensive knowledge and experience, Construction Expert Services are well placed to

provide investigation and analysis into complicated construction defects and problems

that arise.​  




Tribunal Advisory and Expert Services

Delivering exemplary standards of technical advisory and expert witness services to domestic and international tribunals, leading law firms and businesses through every phase of complex issues and dispute resolution.

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