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Construction Expert Services provides strategic advice to leading law firms and businesses through every phase of dispute resolution. We mitigate risk and resolve disputes for organisations facing contentious, and non-contentious issues that arise on complex contracts and projects.

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Construction Expert Services provides exceptional independent advisory services encompassing the natural and built environments. We provide expert witness services in quantum, delay, and technical matters, expert determination, arbitration, mediationconciliation, quantum delay and disruption analysis and commercial advisory services.
We have decades of experience leveraging multidisciplinary qualifications and expertise to efficiently identify the best solutions to complex, contentious and non-contentious issues that emerge over the lifecycle of projects.
Through clear insights and prudent advice, we empower clients to resolve disputes, enable progress, and support commercial objectives across a wide array of projects and initiatives.

This ability to quickly understand our employer's requirements enables us to focus on their business needs and, coupled with our tenacity to get the best results quickly, translates into success time after time.

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Neil Kirkpatrick - Managing Director - click here >> 

Technical Advisory & Expert Services

Delivering exemplary standards of technical advisory and expert witness services to domestic and international tribunals, leading law firms and businesses through every phase of complex issues and dispute resolution.

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