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Quantum Analysis


We have worked on numerous significant and complex disputes. With proven ability across complex quantum claims, our clients  can rely on our expertise and acumen to address even the most detailed issues.

Our referrals include quantum analysis in mediation, arbitration, adjudication and litigation.

Our quantum analysis can audit and categorise complex financial information including project cost ledgers. Based on our experience, we are able to prepare independent cost recovery assessments under the contract terms, breach of contract, or tort law.

We review mitigation efforts, cost accounting methods, and damage calculations. Proper cost allocation is key to establishing recoverability in construction claims.



We have specialised expertise across:

  • Cost engineering and quantity surveying

  • Construction cost auditing

  • Assessment of damages, additional costs

  • Forensic accounting

  • Estimations and valuations

  • Evaluating change orders

  • Evaluations at termination

  • Forecast cost to completion


Delay and Disruption Analysis


We help clients demonstrate the relationship between cause and effect when presenting delay and disruption claims. Our experts utilise the most appropriate methods to analyse delays.


With extensive experience, we apply sound planning practices to assess productivity, extensions of time, programme sequencing, and appropriate submissions regarding change impacts. Our calculations determine the precise disruption impact on project completion.

We have extensive construction management, planning, and critical path analysis expertise and have handled appointments involving delay and disruption in building, industrial, infrastructure, oil & gas, and utility projects worldwide.



We have specialised expertise across:

  • Productivity and extension of time

  • Delay analysis methodologies

  • Forecast cost to completion

  • Schedule analysis and audit programme sequencing

Technical Advisory & Expert Services

Delivering exemplary standards of determinative services, technical advisory and expert witness services to domestic and international tribunals, leading law firms and businesses through every phase of complex issues and dispute resolution.

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