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Expert determination is a dispute resolution process that utilises an independent expert, expert in the subject matter of the dispute. The expert determiner is appointed by the parties and a determination may be legally binding dependent on the rules agreed by the parties to a dispute for the expert determination


Expert Determination has the benefit of being a confidential process and can be  an efficient and cost effective means to resolving a dispute of technical nature.

Confidential & Efficient

Expert Determination is a form of dispute resolution popular as a choice for settling disputes in the construction industry and may also be encountered through a dispute resolution clause under contract where parties have elected to settle disputes utilising an independent expert as the means of settling issues arising on a project.

This form of Alternative Dispute Resolution is particularly suited to disputed variation type disputes or technical issues which can be determined by a technical expert, rather than detailed legal issues that may arise. It can also be used for issues such as rent reviews, insurance or boundary type disputes. Because it is private and arises through rules adopted by the parties, it is an excellent form of dispute resolution that can provide informality and flexibility to suit many differing circumstances in a dispute.


We have over twenty years experience resolving issues in the construction industry and intimately understand the complex and technical issues that can arise in disputes to a construction contract  including valuation, project management, defective work and delay.

This knowledge and experience can greatly benefit the parties to a dispute who wish to utilise expert determination as an efficient means to settling a dispute.

Expert determination services are available throughout Australia where we assist with expedient, cost effective and independent resolution of issues submitted to the expert determination process enabling businesses to return to the their core businesses quickly with disputes resolved pursuant to the rules adopted by the parties to the process.

Technical Advisory & Expert Services

Delivering exemplary standards of technical advisory and expert opinions to domestic and international tribunals, leading law firms and businesses through every phase of complex issues and dispute resolution.

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